MINK-A is an independent group of experts, committed to empowering social movements and civil society organisations (CSOs) through organisational development processes and capacity building. MINK-A's  experts have been active in supporting organisational processes in all continents and have extensive experience in working with, and in, civil society organisations, their networks, platforms, alliances and coalitions (youth organisations, trade unions, cooperatives, educational and training institutes,  development cooperation NGOs, et al.), from the grass-root, local level to the regional and international level. MINK-A can count on practitioners with first hand experience in global, regional and national institutional processes, national, regional and global advocacy work and networking.  A network of regional think-tanks, training and research institutions and reference persons and as well as local networks in all continents provide expertise and evidence based contributions and support.



MINK-A  strongly believes civil society and trade unions play a key role in shaping sustainable development strategies.  MINK-A acknowledges the need to deepen democratic and participatory governance through multi-stakeholder approaches and dialogue, and to build a resilient social countervailing power.  MINK'A believes in democratic and sustainable global governance, in social justice, equality and local autonomy, to give people the collective decision making power over their own living conditions. To achieve this goal cooperation is necessary among civil society, media and academic players.  Intensive international cooperation and networking among these players must take place on a global scale.



MINK-A has professional experience and knowledge in programme management: OM -Outcome Mapping-,  PCM -programme cycle management-, and a wide range of other methodological approaches and skills to support organisations in developing their strategic planning and in project/programme management. You can count on technical expertise encompassing programming,  process management and evaluation, educational skills, IT support, accounting and financial management,  auditing,  research, analysis, statistical knowledge, advocacy and campaigning practices.  The team is fluent in the main international working languages -English, French and Spanish- and has easy access to other relevant global and local languages when required.

MINK-A's starting point are the needs and challenges as expressed by your organisation.  MINK-A works with an embedded approach based on the permanent interaction between your organisation's team and the MINK-A team at all stages of the project.  Requests for cooperation and support are therefore taken up through a process of dialogue, interactive planning and validation of the proposed action.  MINK-A is a non-profit organisation and operates a costs recovery policy in order to maximise the use of social funding for the beneficiaries.  The fees for MINK-A services are adjusted to the scope of the assignment and the financial ability of the partner(s).

CSO Partnership for Effective Development (CPDE)
Strategic Planning Process and Workshop, Brussels,
October 2015 - January 2016.


“I am conscious of the great job you did for us in preparing and facilitating the SP workshop. I believe we made great progress. A major contributory factor in this was the insight and experience of CPDE and its origins that you were able to bring to the process. I suspect an "outside" consultant would have found mastering our issues a most difficult task which would have added considerably to the time factor in achieving what we did.”


Justin KILCULLEN http://www.csopartnership.org/
Co-Chair of the CPDE and chair of the Strategic Planning Group.


Arab Trade Union Confederation, BusinessMed, ANND, a.o.
Pilot Project for the promotion of Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood.  Facilitation of the planning meeting (Tunis November 2015) and project writing and support. EU-Contract successfully awarded in December 2015.

FNV (Dutch Federation of Trade Unions)
Trade Union Cooperation Programme: Context Note on Social Dialogue.
March-April 2016.


CNV International (Dutch Federation of Christian Trade Unions) & Mondiaal FNV (Dutch Federeation of Trade Unions)

Expert support in conceptualising the multi-annual programme on Social Dialogue (2016-17)


EU DEVCO: Expert cooperation (team leader)

" Using Social Dialogue as a governance tool and driver for Sustainability in Economic and Social Development" Background paper for EU delegations (2016-2017)

Fair Wear Foundation (FNV & CNV)-NL https://www.fairwear.org/social-dialogue/

Consultations on Social Dialogue in the Garment Industry in Asia (2017-1018)


Mondiaal FNV-NL https://www.fnv.nl/over-fnv/internationaal/mondiaal-fnv/sociale_dialoog/

  • International Seminar on Social Dialogue with FNV cooperation partners
    Preparation, facilitation and expert input Arusha seminar May 2017
  • Country study and context assessment for NEPAL country programme 2017-2020. Kathmandu - April-May 2017


AOb (Algemene Onderwijsbond) NL and SNE (Syndicat National de l'Enseignement) Maroc

Preparation, facilitation and expert input Social Dialogue in Education.

Seminar in Tanger April 2018


SETEM Hego Haizea (Bask Country) http://www.setem.org/site/es/euskadi/presentacion/

Networking support for Zarensare: preparation, seminars and conferences (May-December 2018)


CPDE (CSO platform for Development Effectiveness) Manilla- Philippines

  • Preparation, facilitation, expert input and report on Strategic Planning Review and Midterm Evaluation 2016-2019 programme
  • Seminar in Paris with Policy Advisory Committee and Strategic Planning Core Group, September 13-16 2018,  Paris

MINK-A team (Jan and Luk) facilitating the CPDE in Brussels

Jan Dereymaeker   MINK-A  team coordinator

Jan has an extensive experience in international social movements and development issues. He was first engaged in the  European youth and student movements in 1976. In the80s he was  elected Secretary General of the European Youth Forum. He joined the international trade union movement in 1990 as head of the international department of the Belgian ACV-CSC trade union movement. From 2007 until 2015 Jan was the promoter and coordinator of the Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) at the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), ensuring shared approaches and increased effectiveness of  trade union development cooperation worldwide. In  November  2015, he joined MINK-A and is active as an independent expert on organisational processes and development cooperation issues.


Lut Van Sant   President MINK-A

Lut is a political and social scientist, who has specialised in International Relations. She has worked with trade unions and NGOs as organiser,  trainer,  project manager and  gender specialist. Lut worked as a trainer at the Institute for International Workers’ Education (ACV-CSC Belgium) and helped, as an expatriate organiser, to  develop the KSBSI Trade Union in Indonesia.  She worked as a consultant in  various social and union projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Between 2006 and 2012 she was active in setting up local alternative-development networks in the Basque country, with grass root organizations and Latin American partners. At present Lut is the head of the Education Department of the Belgian LBC-NVK Trade Union Federation.


Luc Raeymaekers   Vice-president of MINK-A

Luc holds a master's degree in Social Arts and a bachelor's degree in Rural Development Studies. Luc has 25 years of practical, hands-on experience and expertise in development work in Africa, first as a development worker and  later as an independent Development Consultant. Luc's field work in Africa, mainly centered on organizational capacity building for local development agencies in Africa. His role was as facilitator and coach in change management processes. His approach was thereby focused on “ongoing accompaniment” and training, whereby local organizations – through a continuous process of self-reflection – would improve their management and programmer implementation capacities. As an independent development consultant he has (mainly) gathered extensive experience in the  evaluation of development programmes, in developing strategic and operational planning and in all aspects of project cycle management (PCM),  with a participatory approach.


Paul Buekenhout   Vice-president of MINK-A

Paul is graduated in Religious Sciences.  He was active in the youth and student movements and in the Centre for Educational Gaming Methodologies. Paul joined the staff of the Catholic Lent Campaign after being a secondary school teacher.  In 1989 he became organiser for the regional workers’ movement in Leuven (Belgium). In 1992 he became responsible for relations with the emerging free trade union movement in Central and Eastern Europe at the ACV-CSC International Department. Later on he coordinated the Department’s management project in South Asia.  In 2009 he joined the Employee Union LBC as an organiser.  At present, Paul is the Union's coordinator for the aviation sector and airport employees, and has extensive experience in organising work and social dialogue. He acts as a mediator in social affairs.


MINK-A  Asbl-vzw  is located near Brussels.


Email:  info@mink-a.org

 tel: +32 478 60 60 68


Bank: VDK (B&O):  BE44 8939 4404 0845






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Mink-a is the Quechua word referring to collectively organised community work of the Andes people.

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